Wednesday, August 24, 2011

 Euphorbia Hirta or "tawa-tawa"
Tawa Tawa or  Gatas Gatas  (Euphorbia Hirt)

       The Mindoro Post, within its article entitled "Dengue Fever Cure using Tawa tawa"  (released The month of January 2010, utilized July 2010), creates, "many individuals understand and also have attested in order to the truth that these people and many more happen to be healed associated with dengue using a simple grass. This particular grass is known as Gatas Gatas within the land associated with Leyte. However in Butuan  and Cagayan de Oro  these people call this “Tawa Tawa”

·               At the same time, a wesite  upon Filipino therapeutic grass offers the organic category associated with Tawa Tawa grass  as well as explains which, "its blossoms tend to be several, each about 5  to 8 cm across. Sepals as well as petals tend to be obovate-oblong, yellowish-green, as well as protected along with big, reddish-brown smears”

The effectiveness of Tawa Tawa Plant
·              One of the studies proving Tawa Tawa's efficacy is an investigatory project entitled "The Effectivity of Euphorbia hirta L. (Tawa-tawa), Prepared in Teabag Form, on Increasing Platelet Levels in Mus musculus (White Mice)." The said science project won the Student Research Presentation sponsored by the College of Agriculture at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan in thePhilippines.

·            The said project, as the title suggests, probes on increasing blood platelet levels using Tawa Tawa plant. For the sake of conducting the actual research, students used white mice as their subject of experiment.

Tawa Tawa Tea for Dengue Treatment

·  , in its flagship newscast, "24 Oras" aired on August 2, 2010, featured Tawa Tawa plant as a cure for dengue. The said feature informs the public of the easiest way to derive the actual curative substance out of Tawa Tawa -- by simply boiling its leaves!

·          A site called "Foodrecap" shares an illustrative step-by-step procedure of making Tawa Tawa tea for dengue treatment. It further writes, "Finding this plant was an easy task."